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glimpses through the new paradigm using essential tools of

Hypnotherapy & Shamanism


Welcome to Meda & Sam Workshop Series

Mutation-Station is a nonprofit 501 c3 agency.

Mutation-Station is a New Paradigm ~ Love Frequency broadcasting operation, offering workshops for upgrading and integrating your mind, body and spirit by bringing back the awareness to the essence of what love really is -the Law of One. Using Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and various ancient & modern techniques, we're focusing on relation-ship in the new paradigm - as in, aligning with self and others in order to heal union/connection & reach full potential while experience highest level of love vibration.

Our mission is offering opportunities of participation in learning to people who lack financial abilities.

Our vision for the future is activating a greater network of stations which facilitate global learning and awareness.

Together with Meda & Sam you'll be exploring some of the following:

-Acknowledge & honor energy/paradigm shifts (both inner and outer)
-Applicable understanding
-Magic made simple
-Awaken natural intelligence
-Framework for freedom
-Whole Balance - Aligning all level
-Keys for perceiving & integrating mind/body and soul
-Get to know & chat with your inner guides (Inner sanctuary of support)
-Acceptance of self, not only as the polarized and balanced self but as the Creator, as an entity of infinite worth
-Connecting with self through Arts (music, dance, painting etc)
-Provide alternative learning environment for kids of all ages

First event in the series took place on October 13th, 2018 at High Frequency Loft in Taos, NM

image 1 Pic by Lex Lyford
"Letting myself flow...
Is the only way to be
Letting you see me... see you...
Like rainbows from your heart to mine"
Meda, September 2018