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glimpses through the new paradigm using essential tools of

Hypnotherapy & Shamanism


Mutation-Station Offerings
Mutation-Station... is a New Paradigm ~ Love Frequency broadcasting operation, offering workshops for upgrading and integrating your mind, body and heart. Using Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and various ancient & modern techniques, we're focusing on relation-ship in the new paradigm -as in, aligning with self and others in order to heal union/connection & reach full potential while experience highest  level of love vibration. Mutation-Station is a nonprofit company that operates within UnU Center. (www.UnUCenter.com)
  • Group Weekend Workshops
-Intimacy Rehab
-Complete Body Cleansing & Transformation
-Shamanistic Journeying

Workshop Pricing
Workshop tuition includes accommodations, meals, movement program and use of facilities. Prices listed are per person except where otherwise noted and are subject to availability. Weekend learning starts at 4 PM on Friday and ends at 4 PM on Sunday.
Own Accommodations (Off-Site)                                            -$350
Standard  (two people per room)                                           -$550        
Premium Room Single (one person)                                        -$700
Premium Room Double (for couples/friends sharing one room) -$1000

  • Individual Services
-1 Week Transformation Package (all-inclusive Hypnotherapy and Coaching Sessions) with Sam -$2000
-Shamanistic Explorations & Transformation of Self  with Meda 
-Per-session (Hypnotherapy or Shamanism) -$145
  • Yearly Memberships
    1. VIP Level -includes access to all workshops and one Individual Service/month -$9,000
    2. Friends of Mutation-Station -includes access to one workshop/month and one Individual Service/3 months -$5000 
  • Sponsorships 
Includes brand/product/service promotion on all printed/web materials
  •  1. Platinum Level - Time Share private retreat 2 weeks/year, access to all workshops & one Individual Service/month & a permanent banner @ location UnU Center  -$15,000  
  •  2. Gold - Time Share private retreat 1 week/year, access to two workshop/year & one Individual Service every 6 months, a permanent logo on poster @ location UnU Center- $10,000
  •  3. Silver - Time Share private retreat 1 weekend/year, access to one workshop/year & one Individual Service/year - $5,000
  • Donations 
Mutation-Station operates as a non-profit to share transformational services with those less fortunate -so every amount donated counts towards this higher purpose.

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UnU Center Workshop Space blessed with double rainbows