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glimpses through the new paradigm using essential tools of

Hypnotherapy & Shamanism


Past Events

February 9th, 2019 @ Un'U Center:
Celebrating Resonance - A Meeting of Mind, Body, and Souls

For the 3rd year in a row, Meda is donating her birthday as an event for a greater cause. This year, the proceeds will go to newly birthed non-profit Mutation-Station.com

The intention of this event is to bring together members of the Rainbow Family to share and participate in stewarding the new paradigm.

The council is calling out to creators and curators with experience in facilitation of workshops and event organizing.

Be a part of a blossoming love activation new earth synergy hub. Doors of opportunity are open to YOU who resonate and are ready to answer the call in stewarding sustainable practices to benefit Mother Earth and All her children.

-Doors open at 3pm.
-Council meeting held promptly at 4pm,
-followed by pot luck and live music (Bring Instruments!!).
-Prepare your shoe-souls to get hot on the dance floor!!

December 21st, 2019 @ Un'U Center:
Solstice Celebration & Mayan Reading on Rio Grande

Welcome the winter cycle at Un'U Center! Ancient wisdom is emerging as the new paradigm unfolds. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE POSTS on the event page to see the BIOS of all the collaborators. This event is FREE and family friendly.

Meda and Sam are very excited to invite you into their sacred container the Mutation-Station . LIKE the page and stay connected! INVITE all your friends and SHARE this event. I believe every intention is a vote to call in what we want more of. #CASTyourVOTEsharethisPOST The Winter Solstice is when the veil is thinnest. A Divine time to let go of energies that don't serve and call in those that do.
We have some very special guests joining us. Stay tuned for the line-up and bring your instruments! More events and opportunities for collaboration are already unfolding. If you have an offering that is in alignment with the purpose and intention of the space... Inquire.


October 13, 2018 @ High Frequncy Loft in Taos NM: Intro Workshop

intro to our process, using ancient tools as well as contemporary ones in guiding through the paradigm shift. Ceremonial Transformation - Love on All Levels. Theoretical as well as practical methods will be explored. Sam will simplify & present the principles and mechanics of holistic mind, body, and spirit transformation while Meda will explain the principles of applied shamanic method so you can experience/integrate your highest version of being. Together, Meda & Sam will be going over old ground, facilitating the reevaluation and shifting of our programming in terms of love and relationships -essentially how we bond with others under the new paradigm (from co-dependence to interdependence).

Part 1:
Sam's talk (and live demo) on Hypnotherapy (he may also schedule private sessions by request)

Part 2:
Meda's talk-intro into aspects of Shamanistic studies (followed by practical demo -group journeying)
*10 min break

Part 3:
Sam & Meda talk on relation-ships (Masculine-Feminine principles of interdependence). Group healing ceremony.

Q & A - Followed by ecstatic dance - enjoying the inter-depenDANCE
(Fluidly grounded full spectrum expression)


Intimacy Rehab Workshop

This is a couple retreat workshop to be held at UnU Center. The mode of it being: keeping it real, promoting authenticity in all aspects
-Starts Friday at 5 PM- Orientation & Intention setting in a laid-back environment, followed by cocktail hour
-Saturday at 9-9.45 AM yoga breathwork with Sam on the Rio.
10-11 AM- breakfast 11.15-2.30 middle session starts with opening ceremony, then group journey (power animal and spirit guide retrieval),
2.30-3.30 lunchb break
3.40-6.30 group chat -Meda and Sam doing a relationship presentation, feminine and masculine roles in new paradigm balanced relationships, problems we perceive in comparing old paradigm versus new paradigm, based on which a new journey will be suggested where ppl will go ask their guide for a specific message and solution to their personal issues. Individual couple processing and counseling following. Couples will get assigned work while waiting.
7.30 -Dinner, followed by ecstatic dance or camp fire.
Sunday intention is to anchor the new findings by learning new ways of relating. Group activities.

image 1 Pic by Isa Stewart
"Allow whole Presence for maximum Conductivity of whole presents"
Sam, September 2018