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glimpses through the new paradigm using essential tools of

Hypnotherapy & Shamanism


About Us

For the past decade, Sam has explored, across lands and cultures, on a divinely guided soul purpose discovery journey. He's acquired knowledge of a broad range of modalities and a working understanding of how they may be applied to facilitate transformation on all scales from individual to global.

During the recent years, he has focused on building one of Albuquerque's top rated hypnotherapy practices, which has proved to be a launching pad that integrates all acquired peices from along his journey. Sam shows up brightly in service of humanity to transform, awaken, and mutate for the good of All.


Coming from a long line of women seers & energy healers, Meda was initiated in traditional shamanism by Itzhak Berry in 2007. Additionally, she has studied (and practiced) the shamanic path for 14 years with two accomplished shamanic teachers Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall.

A seed from the stars that landed in Romania (for the rich ancestral soil), was transplanted in New York City for getting Master's Degree in Arts at Pratt Institute and more recently, in Taos, New Mexico (for the magic). All while traveling from behind the stage (as a set/costume designer as well as fashion, jewelry & special events creator), to arriving at this very particular point in her earthly experience, where love integrates art while becoming life & life bleeds into art .

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 Constant affirmation of Universal alignment
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Climbing... outside yourself. Outside what you use to breathe in and out... as familiar boundaries. Outside presets. And expectations. Stepping inside... out... what was waiting for you all along... on the other side... of the rainbow